About Us

About our School

Mother Teresa Vidyapeeth is the pride of Muzaffarpur and ideal Educational centre which is dedicated to the children for their education as well as formation of charactor. It is a unit of Mother Teresa Educational Foundation which aims allround Development of the student for modern India and whole worls. Children are the pillars of the nation.

We want to chain-up their present with our past. By making a bridge between past and present we want to make them morally sound. Mother Teresa Educational Foundation Trust consists of prograssive teathers, thinkers, socialactivists and honourable educationists.

Creative personality and devotion of great saint hearted Mother Teresa is our inspiration. In spite of limited resources institution aims to make responsible citizen by proper education, co-ordination between anciant and modern India, new technology, seminar, cultural programme and participation in awareness programme. We again resolute to the healthy build-up of new india.


Education, in order to be effective and fruitful, must be man-making, that is, it must bring about total and integrated development of the personality of the student. The Institution aims at the helping the students not only to receive the prevailing academic education but also to become, self reliant and to build-up their characters in keeping with the national ideals of renunciation and service.